We were hoping to be using SmartWaiver to digitally process our waivers. As we have not yet been able to accommodate this desire we are using paper waivers. Recreational and Technical divers have a separate waiver. You can fill them out when you arrive or come with them filled out already to expedite your registration process. Please make sure to choose the correct link below.  All waiver forms must be printed in duplex, front and back, of one sheet.  The Rec waiver will be one page.  The Tech waiver will be two pages.  We will not accept waiver forms that are incorrectly printed. Once you have turned in your completed waivers you can pay and receive your wrist band. You must fill out a waiver and receive a new wrist band EACH day you are diving. YOU CANNOT ENTER THE WATER WITHOUT THE BAND. Staff will be looking for divers to be wearing the band at all times as proof of registration. Skipping registration or otherwise attempting to deceive the staff can result in the revocation of your diving privileges

Juturna Rec Release

Juturna Tech Release


Rules and Regulations

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