05/24/2019 - Hello Everyone!!  I wish I was coming to you with exciting news.  Unfortunately, I am not.  The news is bland.  After 8 or 9 meetings with various groups in the County and Local governments we seem to be in the exact same place as we were when last we spoke to you in February.  The town council only meets for business twice a month and postponed any future discussion with us until July…  The County Council found themselves busy with budgeting and other issues so we were delayed almost two months to get the conversations we needed there.  We are now awaiting word on another meeting with members of the County Council.  We are doing our best to educate them on what we are trying to do and how we are planning you keep you safe.  Once everyone has had their chance to discuss their concerns for us and we have settled them we may be able to get some forward movement.  It isn’t that anyone is wanting to stop us, but their timelines are slower than any of us would obviously like.  So we have to wait.  We still have support for the broad project, we just need to clear up any and all concerns for safety. All our other ducks are lined up once the political process taken care of.

All of you have been incredibly patient with us and we appreciate it.  As of now there is nothing anyone can do to expedite the current situation.  We are going to continue to work and press daily to get these things resolved and restore access to this amazing resource for divers.  Your continued support means the world to all of us and we really can not wait to see you all back in the water as quickly as we can manage it.   I am very sorry for the delays in delivering our promised facility.  I assure you that we are all fully committed to Juturna Springs and bringing it to life again.  Hopefully we will have more news for you in the next few weeks as things begin to come together.  I cannot speculate on an open date at this time.  As always, if you have any questions at all please feel free to reach out.  Thanks!!