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Update 12/4/2020

Hello Everyone! We hope the Thanksgiving holiday was wonderful for everyone. We have been working hard the last few months and we have some progress to report.

First, we have FINALLY filed our site plans for the project with the county!! Next step is comments from the planning department which we will get on the 24th of this month. This allows the folks at the county to give us feedback on what we want to do and how that fits with their regulations. Once we are past this, we have the planning commission to go through. This meeting will not take place until some time in February. Once complete, we can pull permits and start building the facility. The plans we have submitted to the county break our build in to 3 phases that we will implement over the course of the next few seasons. We will give you all some sneak peaks at it over the coming weeks to do our part in spreading some Holiday cheer. As part of this process we will be able to get the feedback needed to start putting a real dollar value on the different parts of the build. That is important for the second part of our update.

Second is the funding. We have made it a point to be very honest with you all about this issue. With the ability to finally pull quotes on what this build will take we can finalize the Kickstarter campaign and get it out to everyone. We will be posting more on this campaign and Kickstarter in general so that you have all the facts before we roll everything out. We won’t be doing this until after the first of the year and we will make sure everyone has advanced notice of the roll out date.

As always, thank you all so much for your patience and support. It has been a long road but the end is nearing and we can not be more excited to get back open and have you all back with us. If you have an questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We look forward to updating you all again very soon!!

Quick Info

  • Training Platforms: 3 platforms that are 16ft wide by 32ft long. There will be two buoys with downlines on each platform.
  • A real C-130: it’s on site and will be underwater by the time you arrive. It’s pretty awesome! Take a look at the YouTube video.
  • Picnic tables and Gear Stands: We have not been able to build you the pavilions yet, but we intend to provide plenty of seating and gear staging space. You are going to have to bring your own sun protection for now.
  • Bathrooms: We will have bathrooms a short distance from the staging areas. Clean, convenient and close.