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Update 6/3/2020

Hello Everyone. We hope all is well with you and your family. We hesitate to post in these troubled times but we wanted to update everyone on the current state of affairs with Juturna. We know there are a great many others things of more importance in your feed at the moment, so we appreciate your time. We have been trying very hard to come up with solutions that could get us open to you all this June. With COVID-19 impacting us in ways we could not predict we are not making that June opening.
Juturna is required to have permanent bathrooms built for the public before we can officially open for good. This requires us to build a septic field as well as other infrastructure. We were originally planning on testing the perc field in March. This would have allowed us to get the plan approvals and move forward to permitting in April and building in May. The closures that COVID induced prevented us from getting those tests. We have had a wet and cool springs so we were advised by our experts to delay our testing until mid-July to ensure the best chance for passing the largest field we can get. All other aspects of the project hinge on a passing perc field. We can’t move forward the process without it. Since we aren’t doing the official perc test until mid-July we can’t imagine being able to navigate the final planning and permitting process, hiring of crews, and construction before October in the best of cases. Sadly a full opening in 2020 is not looking likely.

In addition to the delays in inspections and such, COVID also greatly upset the market and adjusted lender perspectives on what levels of risk they are willing to take. The funding package we had negotiated had not been funded yet as we had to meet certain requirements, which we were meeting. When COVID disrupted the markets, lenders changed their minds on what level of risk Juturna represented. We are now looking at what forms of alternative financing might work to allow us to finish the project. While we have invested quite a bit already, we have quite a bit more to go yet. We are sharing with you the financial side for transparencies sake. We DO have some options we are exploring and we are confident that we will have a solution. or mix of solutions soon.

GOOD NEWS! We do have some good news! First, we are still progressing with the clean up and sinking of the C-130. It will be in the water when you join us next. The next piece of good news is that Frederick county officials have said we qualify to apply for up to 3 event passes a year which would allow us to bring the public on site for a few weekends. The idea is that we can welcome you all to the facility on Labor Day, Halloween and one other weekend for diving and fun. It may be only 3 events in 2020, but it is something that lets us enjoy some local diving as we can. We will be letting everyone know before the end of the month what those dates will be.

We are so incredibly disappointed we could not restore Juturna to you all when we hoped. It is incredibly frustrating for all of us. We can’t thank you enough for your continued patience and support. We WILL be bringing you the facility we promised you and so much more. We all look forward to seeing everyone soon.

Quick Info

  • Training Platforms: 3 platforms that are 16ft wide by 32ft long. There will be two buoys with downlines on each platform.
  • A real C-130: it’s underwater on site and will be underwater by the time you arrive. It is cool. Take a look at the YouTube video.
  • Picnic tables and Gear Stands: We have not been able to build you the pavilions yet, but we intend to provide plenty of seating and gear staging space. You are going to have to bring your own sun protection for now.
  • Bathrooms: We will have bathrooms a short distance from the staging areas. Clean, convenient and close.