Help Juturna Springs get the funding necessary to be the world-class EcoResort of your dreams!

A one-hour drive from the DC, VA, and MD area, Juturna Springs will feature eco-friendly design, minimal environmental impact, a state of the art educational center, shallow and deep water access for all levels of divers as well as paddle boarding, snorkeling, and other aquatic pursuits, and best of all… a genuine military C-130 will be sunk at the bottom of the quarry for divers to explore, and with some parts shallow enough for snorkelers to see as well!

We are looking to raise $40k through this fundraiser, which compared to our lofty goals sounds like a drop in the bucket. We’re not expecting to be funded solely through crowdfunding, but donors like you are crucial to our strategy.

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Campaign FAQs

When will you be open?

Right now we do not have a Grand Opening date available. We are still working through the planning and bidding process to get construction going.

Is there really a C-130?

Yes there is. We still have a bit more to do getting it cleaned up and ready to sink. We have had a committed group of volunteers that have been waiting for it to warm up a bit so we can get back to work.

Will this campaign get the facility open?

Funding the entire project is not the goal for this particular campaign. We have investors that are going to be helping us cross the finish line once we have reached a certain point.

We need your help to get there!

Why are you not using seasons passes for a reward?

As this is our first round of funding we did not want to commit season passes as a reward. We may have other events and opportunities to share passes as a reward.

What will you be spending this funding on?

We have our master site plans in with the county but we still need to do the finite planning that will allow us to start the construction. Most of our funds will be going directly to the engineers and architects to get the final pieces put together so we can pull permits and hire construction companies. The other part is going towards restructuring the company to allow us to safely bring on investors to finance the build phase of the project. It is imperative that we are able to do so.