Hours: Friday, Saturday and Sunday 9am to 5pm
Night Dives and Weekdays available by appointment. Click here to find out more info!

Juturna Springs is the Mid-Atlantic’s newest dive training facility! We are currently working with architects and builders to bring you the best Open Water facility possible. Our goal at Juturna Springs is to create a safe and fun diving experience for divers of all levels. Currently we have 3 training platforms (1 at 18ft and 2 at 25ft). In addition, we have a Scuba Temple where you can work on your buoyancy and see natural aquatic life. One of the benefits of Juturna Springs is that we have all depths of diving. Our quarry bottom goes from 10ft all the way to approximately 220ft for our tech divers. We have all sorts of aquatic life consisting of fish, grasses, and underwater forests (you have to check them out). We have a lot of exciting things in store for you and we look forward to diving with you soon! Please continue to scroll down for more information on pricing and registration

Air/Gas Fills Price per cf < 80cf or 3000psi >80cf or 3000psi
Air (Grade E) $10 $12
Nitrox 32% $12 $15
Nitrox Blend (other than Nitrox32, up to 40%) $15 $18
Oxygen per cf $0.55
Helium per cf $1.35
Trimix 25/25 per cf* $0.4875
Trimix 21/35 per cf* $0.6225
Trimix 18/45 per cf* $0.7575
Argon per cf* $1.00

*Prices are subject to changes in the market rate.

  • Annual Pass = TBD
  • Season Pass = TBD
  • Diver = $30 per day
  • Non-Diver/Snorkler = $15 per day
  • Camping = TBD
  • RV Hook Up = TBD

Hello Divers!! We are so excited that you are planning to join us. We have a few rules to outline here. There will be detailed descriptions of the policies linked for you soon.

  1. Every person must sign a waiver and release.
  2. Every diver must register and get a wristband before they are allowed access to the water. Wristbands are issued upon the purchase of admission.
  3. No solo diving (even with a certification).
  4. All divers diving deeper than 100’ must notify Juturna Springs in writing.
  5. No dives deeper than 100’ unless diver uses a standard technical diving configuration approved by the Juturna Springs staff. No independent Backmount doubles for dives deeper than 100’.
  6. Only certified divers may dive without an instructor.
  7. Dive knives/cutting devices must be worn if using a reel or running lines.


Parking at Juturna is located a fair distance from the entrance and staging area at this time. You will be asked to drop off your equipment and take the vehicle to the parking area. We will have shuttles to move people back and forth to vehicles. It isn’t an obnoxious distance but far enough we would like to help make it a bit easier. You will be able to drop off gear and park prior to paying and registering. Please make sure that you return and register and pay, as the staff will be looking for those wristbands. There will be staff directing traffic and getting people headed in the right direction.

Snorkelers Only Area

There is a snorkel only zone that will be clearly marked and will be off limits to divers. This is to protect the natural environment in that area. Please be respectful of our beautiful lake. All snorkelers MUST wear a snorkel vest. NO SWIMMING WITHOUT A VEST. At this time we are not renting these items. You will need to provide your own if you wish to snorkel.


We were hoping to be using SmartWaiver to digitally process our waivers. As we have not yet been able to accommodate this desire we are using paper waivers. Recreational and Technical divers have a separate waiver. You can fill them out when you arrive or come with them filled out already to expedite your registration process. Please make sure to choose the correct link below and follow the directions provided. Once you have turned in your completed waivers you can pay and receive your wrist band. You must fill out a waiver and receive a new wrist band EACH day you are diving. YOU CANNOT ENTER THE WATER WITHOUT THE BAND. Staff will be looking for divers to be wearing the band at all times as proof of registration. Skipping registration or otherwise attempting to deceive the staff can result in the revocation of your diving privileges.

Click here to go to our Waivers page.

Solo Divers:

We will NOT be allowing Solo divers at the quarry. We have set up a Facebook group to get divers hooked up with buddies willing and able to dive with you. If you are a tech diver just looking to do some line laying drills or a new diver out for buoyancy practice, there will be someone looking to get wet.